I’m Raven Moonblue and these are my TLDR guides for Final Fantasy XIV. I didn’t start playing FFXIV until October of 2021 and was pleasantly overwhelmed by all the content available. I like being prepared, so I turned to the many online guides available. While I found several excellent ones, others were out of date, and almost all were more information than I felt I needed. Did I really need advanced warning about every obvious telegraphed attack? If I haven’t figured out how stack and gaze markers work by the time I’m level 50, no duty guide is going to fix that, right?

As I continued playing, I found myself returning to duties I hadn’t done in a while. I’d hope that my memory caught up to me or some kind player in the group would do a refresher on mechanics. What I realized would really be handy, though, is a reference that reminded me of just the important stuff; something that just took a few seconds to glance at. And so, my TLDR Guides were born!

My goal with these guides isn’t to tell you everything about every fight. There are plenty of other sites that do that. Instead, Raven’s Reminders highlights unique and important casts, adds, and mechanics. Whether you’re a sprout that prefers to jump in before reading/watching lengthy guides, or a grizzled veteran that wants just a quick reminder, I’ve built these guides for you!

In addition to including only the most important parts of encounters, I also wanted to make sure the TLDR guides were easy to read, even on a smaller screen. Many people only have one monitor and look at guides on a phone or tablet. If a roulette lands someone in a duty they haven’t seen in a while, hopefully they’ll find it handy to just pull Raven’s Reminders up on a phone so they can refer to it as they head to the first boss.

I hope you will find this format helpful and welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement!

Raven Moonblue

More Details About TLDR Guides

In addition to the general description above, here are some specific things to know about the TLDR Guides:

  • TLDR Guides are not definitive. Strats and mechanics may differ depending on the group makeup and flow of the fight. (For example, a group with high-DPS might bypass or never get to certain mechanics or phases).
  • These guides assume sync’d runs.
  • Some mechanics aren’t described in detail in order to not spoil the joy/awe/wonder of seeing them for the first time.
  • Like every guide out there, these are subject to become outdated as the game grows and changes. I’ll do my best to keep them updated!

No Brainers

One of the main concepts in creating the TLDR Guides is to only keep things that are necessary. For example, there’s no reason to mention how to handle standard gaze, stack, AoE or many other forms of attacks, as everyone should learn them pretty early. Some mechanics described in a guide may be left out of a later one as it’s assumed you’ve “learned” it by then.

Following are some things these guide assumes and therefore only mentions if a mechanic contradicts them:

  • Know your Universal Markers (There are two great references for them on the resources page).
  • Kill Adds quickly. The speed at which you kill adds is often tied to other mechanics, especially ones that don’t hurt as badly if the Adds go down fast.
  • Healers prepare for ultimates after Add phases and visual transitions. Many times Adds or phase transitions are followed by a group-wide AoE ultimate attack.
  • Tanks should generally tank things toward the edges of the arena, facing away from the party. Bad guys cleave, etc.
  • When you are marked (i.e. have a marker over your head of some kind), move away from other players and likely toward an outside edge of the arena.
  • Unless you are a tank, don’t be in front of a boss. This includes when they turn and look at you.
  • Spreading out tends to be more helpful than clumping up. (always being mindful of stack markers, etc.)
  • If a Boss pulls you in, run back out.  It’s almost a sure thing a melee ranged AoE is about to hit.
  • DESTROY STINGING INSECTS – Most of them have a deadly attack called Final Sting if they aren’t killed quickly (Can you tell I’ve mained a tank).
  • When in doubt, follow others.  This is particularly true in raids where entire parties or raids need to be in specific areas to attack a foe, or survive an ultimate.