Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't all the mechanics listed in the TLDR Guides?

The idea behind the TLDR Guides is to focus on things unique to the fight or that are important to remember. Chances are you already know what to do when you see an orange circle on the ground, or a big purple eye over a mob/boss. By leaving out obvious/telegraphed mechanics, the TLDR Guides can give you a quickly digestible view/reminder of the fights. You can read more about the origin and philosophy of these guides here.

Why the focus on Tank Busters and Group-wide AoE Damage?

Tank Busters and Group-wide Group-wide AoE mechanics often don’t have an obvious telegraph.  Tanks and Healers need to know these skills by name in order to best plan their use of mitigation and group heals. Even though Tank Buster telegraphs are being retro-added to old instances, it’s not always a visual a healer might see due to obstructions.

Why aren't there guides for Extreme and Savage duties?

My initial goal for the TLDR Guides is to provide a quick reference for duties people see most often through roulettes, etc. The ones you might want a quick reminder for since you haven’t done in a while.  Or the one you only need a brief guide for because it’s normal difficulty. Could these be expanded to cover more difficult duties? I never say never, but in the meantime, you can find links to some great guides for those on the resources page.

Okay, but there are also some missing Normal trials. What's up?

I only publish guides once I’ve run a duty at least once myself, and often several times. I started playing FFXIV in October of 2021 and have taken my time working through both the MSQ, as well as most of important side content. As of this writing (Early April 2022), the primary missing pieces are Endwalker (I’m just starting it!) and the Hildebrand questline  (I’m part way through).

The icons are really helpful. Why not use even more?

I actually would like to! The amazing icons I’m using are free from Font Awesome. I wasn’t able to find great free ones for all things worthy of an icon. Perhaps you’re an icon expert that would like to help? Or, if I get enough people to contribute to the site, I can invest in some paid icons!

But, look at your portrait/logo! You must have some talent and can make the icons yourself?

I can only dream of having that kind of artistic talent.  My logo picture was drawn by my daughter who hasn’t learned how to do icons yet  :)