FFXIV Resources


A lot of resources and guides for FFXIV have been published throughout the years. I’m relatively new to the game so I’m sure there are many I’m unaware of.  These are the ones I’ve found particularly useful during my time in Eorzea.  Think there’s something that should be added to the list? Let me know!

General References


“The comprehensive reference written and maintained by the players.”  You’ll find information about almost every part of the game here.

Gamer Escape

Another reference that covers everything from quests to duties to items/gear.

A Comfy Guide for Sprouts

Just getting started?  Here’s a great beginner’s guide to FFXIV that covers everything from character creation to where to start and what not to miss.

Battle Mechanics

Phookas - Visual Guide to Universal Markers

Phookas makes useful visual guides like this guide to Universal Markers in FFXIV (i.e. what all the shiny, blinking, glowing things in battle are warning you about).

The Gamer - Guide to Universal Markers

Similar to the Phookas guide, but on a web page. Learn about everything from AoE to Stack to Tether markers and more.

The Balance

Looking to improve and optimize your rotations/performance or just generally play your class better? The Balance is the place to go!

Dungeon Guides

This is a pretty thorough resource. Great if you prefer a spreadsheet with things laid out in phases!

Gathering / Crafting

Garland Tools

While this database contains weapons, gear, and other items in FFXIV, it’s most useful for it’s crafting and gathering information. This includes crafting lists, gathering timers, and more.

FFXIV Crafting

And yet another tool to help you in your crafting/gathering forays. I particularly like how it allows you to quickly assess and track what you need to complete your crafting projects.


Another incredibly detailed tool for crafter/gatherers. It allows you to create and share lists, set timers and alarms, and even test crafting rotations in a simulator.

Market Board


Whether you’re buying or selling, this tool will let you research prices so you can price your items accordingly, or find the best deal.


Eorzea Collection

If you are one of the believers that Glamour is the true endgame of FFXIV, this it the site for you! See the amazing outfits others have created, submit your own, and discover how to create them all!


Wondrous Tails Solver

Not sure when it’s best to Shuffle your seals?  Want to know the odds of success if you use your Second Chance Points?  This great tool will provide the answers!

Fashion Report Help

Want to take the mystery out of completing the Fashion Report challenge?  Kaiyoko provides clear answers to scoring well every week.